A Lighting Factory - In the Country - Designed for Craftsmen

Visitors entering "The Silo",  find this chandelier overhead.

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Queen Anne's County, Maryland

Achieving the Owner's Goals

John Ramsey began eking out a living making custom lighting fixtures in the early 1970's, when his dad persuaded him to come home.  John's skills as an artisan have grown a lot since then, and so, too, has his staff and business volume.

He and his co-workers had long ago outgrown the shed on the family farm. They wanted a serious workplace, worthy of their craft, but it had to be affordable. John purchased a field near a heavily traveled road, and got himself an architect (us). 

Given John's need to tightly manage the costs, we decided to "borrow" the simplicity of a barn.  To give it visibility and some fun we proposed a "silo" entry.  (Silo tops are really cheap!)

We worked with John to arrange the floor plan so it optimized his workflow, then selected inexpensive materials, and structural components.

However, the primary goal of our design strategy was to create a high quality work environment.  Most craftsmen value high quality in most aspects of their lives, and especially in their work environment.  In John's business, worker happiness shows up in the artistry of the lighting fixtures they produce, and ultimately on the bottom line.   We sought a workplace that supports both - the craftsmen and their profitability.

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