Facing the River (South)

3D View of 1st Floor Plan

New East Wing & Entry Porch


Wye River Addition
Queen Anne's County. MD

Achieving the Owner's Goals

The Owners' existing house has an unusual geometry.  It is five sided, and irregular --interesting, but unwelcoming because the house greets visitors with the full height of its backside basement wall.

The Owners want to add a new guest suite, and a much more friendly entry. In response, we created the Guest Suite within a square, that we rotated so it reads as a diamond juxtaposed to the pentagagon of the existing house.  We inserted a split-level foyer (with wheelchair lift) between the new suite and old, to give access to both. We added a front porch to welcome and shelter visitors. 

These arrival features form a hyphen that visually separates and connects the original pentagon to the new rotated suite.  The new entry leads to a new screen porch at its upper, southern end.  Skylights and an interior garden add liveliness to and joy to the experience of arriving home. 

Yet the additions are cost-effective to complement the character of the original house.

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