a transformation so complete - that the "old dog" is gone

         the old dog - on its last legs      

photographs by architect-owner


On the Chester River above Chestertown

Achieving the Owner's Goals

A previous owner had gutted this house and, discovering difficulties, decided to sell it "as is" - a single story, hodgepodge of four disjointed building periods.  (See bottom photo)  It was a "tear-down" if only the footprint had not been grand-fathered under local zoning.

Given that limitation, we, the new owners (architect & wife), elected to completely re-design the house to create flowing spaces inside and really big views of the river. 

We kept the first floor footprint in tact mostly, but replaced the jumble of shallow roofs with a unifying, steep roofed, new second story, that has large gables overlooking the river.

We split the original waterside wing into two pieces, to provide ourselves with a waterfront porch and a river-oriented living room.  We gave the Living Room giant windows, and a new curved fireplace. We added a stair, also curved, that climbs over the original basement stair to gain access to the second floor. 

Overall, we think our strategy has given the old dog, a happy new life.  As we had hoped, the new dog is much loved, and still compatible with the neighbors.

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