Beechwood Cottage as seen from the street
has a welcoming front porch
and roof forms that hints of an airy interior.

Our 3D cross-section shows how daylight
is brought in through tall volumes, and
the interiors are open to the landscape.


                                   The Core Living Spaces are Airy. 

Generous Porches for Enjoying the Landscape

The Cottage overlooking The Ravine
(3D Model of Site)

photographs by owners & architect


Kent County, Maryland

Achieving the Owner's Goals

The long time Owners of a very small (950 sq. ft.) and very tired family cottage decided they really wanted a new house. Their property is mostly a heavily wooded ravine. They love the steep terrain and mature trees of this landscape.

              Small and Tired

  However, to protect the water shed, our Critical Areas Zoning doesn't allow us to build on steep slopes, and the Health Department also prohibits septic systems in or near a ravine. The new cottage could not be much larger (in enclosed floor area) than the old one.  How can we make the new cottage a great place to live?

The Health Department does not count open porches as a part of the living space - an opportunity we could work with. We would give the Owners generous porches to enjoy the beauty of the ravine. They will expand the sense of space the owners experience, which adds significant value, from the points of view of daily living and resale.

On our Design Strategy page you can see the floor plan of how these porches and airy spaces are arranged.

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