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Chesapeake Architects Value Driven Approach

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Investing in Architecture

At Chesapeake Architects we believe the Architect's primary job is to help the Owner create value - value as the Owner defines that word. It is our duty to diligently assist the Owner throughout the planning process by consistently seeking to:

  • understand the Owner's values
  • organize the building accordingly
  • propose reasonable alternatives,
  • communicate their pros and cons, and
  • explain their cost consequences.

We seek to help Owners realize what for them is the proper balance of functionality, durability, aesthetics, cost, and resale value.  Although the Owners make the decisions, we risk to advocate what we believe is in their long-term interests, because the outcome we seek is their deepest satisfaction five to ten years down the road.  This is our values-driven approach.

Cost Management and Trust At the outset

Owner and Architect engage in a process of giving birth to a vision - a search for a design strategy, which can achieve the Owner's desired balance of function, cost, and aesthetics.  As as possible after that strategy has been set we broaden our Owner-Architect team to include a trusted builder.  The builder helps us assess the likely costs and consider "big picture" cost alternatives.  That allows the Owner to make value-based decisions while the project is still easily steered, and without being obligated to a builder.  Later, when the drawings are more developed, the builder(s) again estimate the costs and help us evaluate alternatives. At this stage the Owner can decide which specific alternatives to pursue, and which builder the Owner wants to add to the construction team.

Why we work as a Team

Over several decades we have built trust relationships with local builders, craftsmen, mechanics, and artisans - see our list ofTeammates. We and our teammates all want to be known for the care we take to comprehend the Owner's objectives, and for the skills we bring to the job of carrying them out.  Individually and collectively, our reputation for that is our business success.   Our experience working with each other helps us catch mistakes before they become serious trouble, and helps us realize design improvements when they can be easily implemented.  We know, we are the Owner's design & construction team, and it's for the Owner that we are working together.

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